Are You Done Talking?


This poem is based on August 17th Writing Prompt on Creative Writing Ink.


The silence that falls,

That blankets all the halls; It’s deadly. I know,

You know too.

Your eyes sharp like swords, piercing into my soul,

Looking to swallow me whole.

Your goal?

Not doubt, to get me to speak; to pull me to toward


You press your lips together;

Two battleships; armed and poised.

Their relationship – strong,

Their purpose – lethal.

They begin to fire revile after insult after rebuff,

Dire is the situation

No recommendation for rectification or

Any possible medication for this deep, open wound you have inflicted.

This wound on my heart.

Being the person I am, I assumed I could take it, shake it


As nothing more than a mere cough rather than an infected mess.

For your let up I pray so that maybe you and I could

Get up, set up

And we could stay to shake the dust off.

Just put your fire down, stop shouting.

We can turn this around

Just answer me when I ask

Are you done talking?

So that our peace can finally be found.













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