The Sand Beneath Her Feet

This short story is based on August 10th writing prompt on Creative Writing Ink.


The more she thought about it, the more it began apparent; her life was much like the grains of sand that tumbled between her thin toes. It was small and insignificant, looking down from a lofty position. It was easily shifted and tossed around, and any suffering incurred by the displacement of the grains was barely noticeable to anyone or anything. But maybe – just maybe – it was still a part of something much bigger.

She raised her head looking out to the sea. She hugged her knees closer to her wheezy chest. Under the blanket, all she wore was a basic t-shirt and leggings. Apart from that, the only other thing she wore was her thick, black glasses that sat firmly on her button nose. At this moment though, they weren’t doing much for her vision; her loose hair mixed with the fierce winds, tossing like a baby at night, made seeing an impossible task.

After squinting several times, carefully checking and rechecking he wasn’t there, she looked back down at her feet as she sank them deeper into the sand.

She’d been up before the world, even before the Sun, watching and waiting for a sign. So it wasn’t surprising to feel a slight warmth on her left side. Slowly, her eyes lifted from the sand beneath her to face the easternmost part of the vast sky. The large glowing sphere rose steadily into the dull morning sky, casting in every direction golden rays. It illuminated the beach, every grain of sand catching and throwing back the warmth and light of the Sun. The houses bordering the small town, their dark shadows seemed to melt away. She found herself staring at the glass panes as the colours made by the rising sun changed, growing more vivid with the passing of time; hues of crimson, amber and cyan. The rush of colour changed her mood. The sky no longer hung over her but was more radiant as the Sun continued to climb higher and higher. The sand beneath her grew warm, and the harsh sea winds calmed.

As she returned her gaze to the horizon, she saw him.

His boat rocked steadily, just coming over the horizon. Its large sails flapped in the wind and its body filled with the enormous amounts of seafood the crew had caught in the past few weeks. She felt her heart jump in her chest. Beaming, she removed her glasses and placed them on the warm sand – just to be safe. Throwing her blanket aside, she stood up, walking to the shore. The waters rushed to her feet, sending chills up her legs. But her cold feet didn’t deter the warm feeling rising in her chest. She hugged herself, gleefully.

Soon, he jumped overboard, the sea reaching his waist. Excitedly, he marched through towards her. His smile shone. And she couldn’t help herself. She began running; out to the open waters. Her clothes stuck to her. The water only reached his calves now as they met and she threw herself into his arms. He lifted her high. He embraced her tightly, his warmth a welcome contrast to the ice-cold seas. Suddenly, they slipped into a pile of laughter amid wet sand and thick foam.

As she laughed breathlessly, she felt such a sense of joy. She realised that although her life was insignificant, the people she surrounded herself with made it hers and she loved it – no matter how small it appeared to be.


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